​​​Why we did this…

We’re proud to be
a female-founded, female-led tech startup called Dibs.

We hear a lot of chatter about diversity, (or lack thereof) of women, minorities, and other under-represented groups in entrepreneurship and technology. For instance:

A recent study cited the number of VC-backed technology companies founded by women at 3%. This is despite the fact that women-led private technology companies get
35% higher return on investment, that the venture-backed ones have 12% higher revenue, and that the growth in number of women-owned companies with $10M+ surpasses the overall growth in number of these companies. [Source]

So we wanted to point out, that to ignore niche markets that are founded by, target, or impact women and minorities is the failure to recognize huge opportunities. 

Remember SPANX?

We hear from investors, “we’d love to invest in more female-founded VCs, but they’re just not getting in front of us.”

So we’re empowered, not victimized. And we’re having fun, making light of the traditional stereotypes in the VC community.

To do our part, we’ll feature a different venture LED by a woman or a minority every month.

So say
hello, and you won’t have to have #investorFOMO. #PutASheetOnIt. #BEyonce

Yours truly,
Founder Ladies

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Stephanie Benedetto 

- Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
  Founder & CEO of Joyus, former Google exec

Queen of Raw connects independent designers (both large & small) to suppliers of innovative & sustainable raw materials and supplies.  Its mission is to use technology to revolutionize the sourcing process and empower the global design community.  @queenofraw #QUEENOFRAW 

Featured Founder:

"Many startups don’t take advantage of the independent board seat... More should be filling them — and filling them with women. It’s an unrealized opportunity.This is massive whitespace.”

"Founder Ladies (Put a Sheet on It)"

Sarah Williams


​                                                                   #FounderLadies

Featured Fellows:

Tough Girl Challenges inspires, encourages, and motivates women and girls of all ages to push themselves to dream BIG and constantly challenge themselves with the belief that if it doesn't challenge you, then it doesn't change you.

@_TOUGH_GIRL #challengeyourself